My Story

We are oneness experiencing individuality.
And we are all worthy and capable of expressing the artwork of our souls. 

"Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of our planet and the empowerment of our world. Each of us is assigned a function that only we can fulfill. At the level of our divine function, none of us are in competition with each other, for the universe is infinitely abundant, as well as more heavenly the more each of us become aligned and whole.


My good doesn't take away from anyone else's, and no one else's good takes away from mine. Inspiration is born out of each of us accessing our good and there is space enough for everyone's gifts to flower. There is more than enough room for all of us. I embrace the assignment revealed to me when I open my heart to love."


Day 218 

A Year of Miracles 


To me.... Artwork is a divine expression of connecting with one's soul.


When each of us are connected with the sacredness of our essence and aligned, the gift to us, individuall,y is the freedom and bliss of channeling ourselves and giving our most sacred gifts to this world; The gift to the universe and each other, is the inspiration and enchantment of seeing and feeling another free to be whole, complete and in harmony with the world, as well as the ability to receive the very best of what each heart is designed to give. 


Each and everyone of us is worthy and capable of expressing the artwork of our soul. 

It is the divine gift we are here to uphold.


Be free to create the life, love and art of your dreams.




BE your own Magnificient Essence








So much artwork on this site is the gift and genius of other souls.

Honoring this artwork, firstly, by connecting everyone with these artists more.

AND honoring all artwork by sharing 11% of earnings back with the earth.

Our intention is to empower a more blissful, artistically free and honoring world.