To Bella and Alex


I wanted to make you both something special for your first born!!

Since just getting you a basic baby gift is fun but nothing special... I decided to make you a count down till baby's due date!

This way I can spoil you both with lots of fun gifts and also spoil baby!

The first gift is a gift to open today February 8th.

This is the first of 11 Tuesdays till the day your little guy is due. 

Every Tuesday until the due date you will receive a gift. Each of the little stars or hearts on the advent calendar (the decorated hanger) signifies each of the dates you get to open a gift on.

Each Tuesday ... I will also send you this link with fresh information about your next little gift. 


So happy for you both and can't wait to meet him!


Follow the dates below to learn more about each gift as they come. 


An 11 Week Count Down to Baby

Tuesday, Feb 8th
This first gift is something special I have done for all my dearest friends and their first-borns. This little bear actually belonged to me growing up. For me, my stuffed animals were my greatest treasures. I loved them so much and I took the very very best care of them. I would like to pass on love through the ages by passing on this little guy to your first-born son too. The idea is the more we cherish vintage gifts and all the good things that came from them... the more we pay forward a world full of love and the less we produce unconsciously... therefore, creating detriment to the resources our children may have. 

I love this bear with all my heart and again, this is a tradition I have done with all my dearest friends and their first-borns!

I hope Jayden ( or whatever this handsome little dudes name may be)... get lots of good cuddles and love from this little guy. 

Cheers to the first week of your little bambino countdown. 


Tuesday, Feb 15th

Welcome to Week #2 of the WORTH-THE-WAIT count down to baby...

This week is the start to making a time capsule of little treasures and facts that pertain to baby's birth and can be hidden away to open again after baby's 18th birthday. 

The first item to go into the capsule is this picture of Mom & Dad at the little guy's baby shower. 

This week's gift is to pick your favorite of the three options below and I will get the picture professionally edited plus printed on a special keepsake to go in the capsule.


Please submit your answer below!!


And happy 10 more weeks till baby is due!


Tuesday, Feb 22ND

Welcome to Week #3 of WORTH-THE-WAIT advent calendar!


 8 Weeks left till baby comes! 

Today we are celebrating the lineage of having babies and what it took to make your little family. 

Since Alex, your mom has arrived today... you & Bella both have some homework for this week's advent adventure & creating the baby's time capsule. 

The homework is to collect information over the next week and input it into the questionnaire below. 

Have fun!


Welcome to Week #4 of WORTH-THE-WAIT advent calendar!


 7 weeks left till baby comes! 

Today we ask a few more questions before baby arrives.

Please fill out the questionnaire below. 

Tuesday, MARCH 8th

Welcome to Week #5 of WORTH-THE-WAIT advent calendar!


 6 weeks left till baby comes! 

Ok... I promise this is the last week you have homework!

This week is a little more focused on the time capsule and what we want your son to remember when he turns 18. 


Please fill out the questionaire below.