Gratitude is one of the greatest gifts we will ever come to own. 


gratitude Changes EVERYTHING.


Nothing can change until you OWN it. 


And the greatest quote a friend ever told me was: "Nothing new or great can come into your life until your grateful for what you already have."


OWNING how grateful one is can be the key to creating positive change in your life. 


These words  have impacted me beyond what you can imagine. 


Because just 'being' grateful isn't always enough. Making gratitude a practice in one's life can be a complete game changer and can manifest our greatest desires and dreams when we use it authentically and often. 


One of my most successful friends still to this day lists 10 things he is grateful for before he goes to sleep every night. He attributes this to being one of the greatest factors to his success in business and life in general. 


Take a look and see how Christie Marie Sheldon describes what it does for your energy in a video below, or enjoy a TED Talk on The Transformative Power of Gratitude by Katia Sol. 


Best of All...enjoy  The Science of Happiness: An Experiment in Gratitude


And feel free to read more below on how you can get involved in a practice of gratitude and also heal through grateful holistic ways







Christie Marie Sheldon:

How to change your Frequency to change your Reality

TED Talk: Katia Sol

The Transformative Power of Gratitude 

Healing with Thank You Silver

Learn about the natural healing capabilties of Silver and Ionized Water. 


Silver naturally kills all bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold. Combined with pure alkaline water and an attitude of gratitude... the healing that can take place is powerful.






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