~Nourish your Soul~

The Art of Juicing Made Easy

Juicing is a well known and very energizing practice. The benefits of getting multiple servings of vegetables and fruit from drinking freshly made juices includes highly concentrated vitamins, minerals and enzymes rapidly entering the bloodstream while giving your digestive organs a much-needed rest. 

This is a recipe for better energy, better health and better alignment with the expression of oneself. 

Let's Digress... Society currently has a few weak points.  (we're werkin on it)

1) We are always in a hurry.


We don't chew our food fully or properly, and therefore we set our digestive organs up for failure. With less 'good stuff' received because our body is unable to fully digest the rare good things we put into ourselves, we are barely getting any 'goodness' to begin with. Juices are already 'chewed' up and more bio-available to the digestive system so we soak up more with less (work and time included).

2) Our world is FULL of fast foods options with little nutrients.


Our choices for food are dismal to begin with. It seems like we really have forgotten about the key ingredients to empowering us to keep up with our fast paced world. Making FAST FOOD have choices that include really nourishing qualities empowers us to have the energy, focus, good health and vibrancy we need for this fun and high vibe world. 

Juicing has been a well known practice for many years, however in the past it has been generally associated with a tremendous amount of work. Juicing machines take muscle and a whole lot of time to clean... therefore, people avoided it or now... simply turn to really amazing juice providers (check out Hutch and Howl if you happen to live in EDMONTON!!)

However, the 'thang' that I want to inspire right now is the ability to have Juicing be the FAST FOOD that you can also easily make at home, and that transforms your world by nourishing your whole being; life schedule included. 


Please check out the video above... and order a nut milk bag from us. :)  It will arrive within the week... and these lil gems come in packs of two so YOU can share the wealth or have a back up if you want too. 

All the love. 

P.S. Grateful to Phat Turtle Productions who helped me create this little video. 

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