Dear Layne, 


Happy Birthday!!! I hope you are having the radest of days. :) 


I got to do a New Moon (in Capricorn) Ceremony this morning and it was such a beautiful morning that I wanted to share a few moments. 


First of all, I am really grateful to be “buds” again. Both you and Montanna mean the world to me … and having fun with you both, and getting to live alongside each other as we create our dreams individually…  is one of the greatest gifts I feel I have been given. 


Even though it's hard sometimes...Even though it's awkward sometimes… and most off, even though I have been awkward for the past few years in many ways…  I am still so grateful for all of it. 


I couldn’t ask for two more hilarious and inspiring humans to grow old together with.


....Plus, all of the amazing souls you guys both come with. 

So to say the least… I was grateful this morning for many things. 


Grateful for you being born and completing our cute little trio (a complete reference to this picture-hahaha). 


Aside from gushing about cheesy moments… what I also wanted to share is this… 



I listened to the Capricorn new moon information… 


(As I mentioned above… and now have shared the link below). 



and it tells me this, VERY LOUDLY: 



Your location physically, as well as vibrationally, in life, is exactly the right place to take you higher than you have ever been and create success both internally and externally. 




If I were to sum part of it up… I would say ‘Action itself is inefficient at this moment. Instead, alignment with one’s heart space, listening, and then also rest…. are all far more important right now … in the process of you becoming your most efficient self. 


TRUE CAPRICORN EFFICIENCY comes with having the soul fuelled by well-roundedness. 


Either way … I hope you give it a listen on a walk or something like that. Listen to at least the part after 29mintues. It will take a minute to get into but it will be really worth it at moments. What she is talking about is what is going on with the planets in the sky right now. (SATURN AND PLUTO- she starts with and she explains what those planets stand for).   It’s entirely aligned with answering your worrying thoughts. 


I also wanted to give you a special gift for your birthday this year. 


Just because I am your wacky sister and I can give you these kinds of weirdo things…


I wanted to give you a HUMAN DESIGN SESSION experience… with this really cool friend of mine AIMEE BURTON. 


It's an hour-long session that she will videotape and send to you…for you to ask questions after if needed.


It uses your birthday and lays out the codes of your particular human design. It is helpful at giving hints in the direction of your heart's longing. 


It doesn’t predict your future in any way. It just brings forth the qualities you know about yourself… or are getting to know…. and makes them louder, so they can be understood more easily. 


It was a beautiful experience for me and so I am paying forward the gift to you, to helps with all you are co-creating moving forward. 

Either way, I think you did a stellar job in your 30th year and I feel like this last year has been good to you overall. ;) 



AND Again ... I hope you are having ALL the fun today! Wish tuna and I could be celebrating with you!! 


Grateful for all the moments last year we were there for each other and wishing you the best birthday and celebration of life always. 






Please keep this link between you and Shannon. It is special and from this 'attune to the moon' community I am part of. The community is very cool and this lady's teachings are fascinating. Anyways...

Happy Birthday again! hahaha 






P.S. I am drinking Tumeric Tea from the mug you gave me, for the very first time today… and the best part is… that mug doesn’t stain from TUMERIC!! hahaha THANK YOU