D a n i e l l e


I am going to keep the sappy letter short this time and just say watch this video...

and let me know when your done, pretty please.  :) 

I am just going to keep sending you things I find interesting and you can listen or learn if you are feeling up to it. 

This video I found fascinating because Animals can't have placebo effect ... which is something... I was concerned about with this technology. 

I also experienced rapid healing in Porsche. Long story but she had to get stitches on her eye two weeks ago. It was full of pus and just gross as ever one day in. I left the patch on her all night and her eye was virtually all better the next day. It was wild and I was stoked because I was so worried about having to bother her to clean the pus and all the debris out.   

It very much could be a coincidence but that is why I am doing more learning. 

Keep you informed. ;) 

If the video doesn't work ... you can access it via the button and the password noted.


PASSWORD: light77!