1) to empower each of us to be vulnerable in the pursuit of being HUMAN and learning to deeply love ALL parts of ourselves. #lovethyself

2) to empower the human experiment and my love for the ability to watch life taking place (#peoplewatch)

3) to empower myself to finally get back to the place inside me that loves being me and becoming 'me' more and more each day. #becomingart

The Intention:

How this site works: 

Each day I ask the Universe to guide me through a lesson in loving thyself. I share with you what came through for me and my experience. You are welcome to join and also share your own experience if you feel inclined. Express yourself. Hashtag your own experience on Instagram with any of the following... or send in your experience. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR. And I will share your experience for others to get inspired from. Lets start a loving revolution.

#lovethyself #selflove #human #becomingart 

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