Hydrate with Life Force Energy. Set Sacred Intentions and allow your dreams to flow. 


Why is water or hydration a key to manifesting our dreams come true?


When we are well hydrated ... we are more conductive and connected; We  experience less anxiety and disease, and therfore we are less likely to block ourself from others and from our dreams coming true.  


We can program water like a memory cell and charge it with beautiful intentions and good vibrations that then can be carried through our body & mind, conducting the positive energy of our souls.


With good water, our cells are cleansed of the toxins and free radicals that are not serving us... while nourishing our cells with nutrients, energies and intentions they love.


Have you ever blessed your water?  Or experienced water charged with energy?


Wanna learn more? 


Please enjoy watching this beautiful video: 

WATER: The Great Mystery
















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