For Taido Potato! 


This little gift for Taid's is meant for healing. 

It's a new Light Therapy/Stem Cell Technology that I have been learning about. 

The reasons why I love it so far are below... BUT the most important video is the the first one!

HIT IT UP! ;) 

The technology stimulates new stem cells in the body by the light therapy created via the infrared heat of the body interacting with the patch. Best part is... it super effective in animals and has been used on horses for many years now. 

I am still researching this technology further but I had a wonderful healing experience with Porsche a few weeks ago. (also noted below).

Anyways... I wanted to send you some for Taido to aid in his speedy and healthy recovery! 

Instructions: Put on Taido's Leg everynight before bed (or anywhere on the body you feel called to put it). Leave on for 12hour period. Then remove and allow a 12 hour period of rest. Can repeat every 24hr period if you wish. 


P.S. No need to write back about any of this!! Truly just sending these his way so he is around for as long as possible and heals up well! Ignore the stuff at the end of the video. That is not why I sent this to you!! Just use for healing of TAIDS! And let me know if you want me to drop off some more. 

Oh and ps. I have been thinking about the clothing bin we are going to paint and just trying to figure out logistics! I don't think we can get it into your house or your basement!! haha ... so for now... I am just trying to figure out where we can paint it! :) I have a van so transportation is easy... but indoor space for painting is my next mission! <3 hehe! Will get back to you on this when I can. 




PORSCHE's EXPERIENCE: ( I wrote this out for a testimonial message board to help other people with animals.  This is why it is written this way- lol). 


Dogs will be dogs... and well... in this particular situation... my two dogs, on a grumpy day... got into a 'sibling' scrap over food. 


Being that my two dogs are very different in size... One is a 17-year-old frail Puggle (small in size- about 20 pounds) and the other is 3-year-old Mastiff Male (very large and muscular - over 90lbs)... you can imagine the "squabble" was a little dramatic. 


Either way... my little old lady, Porsche, is a feisty one... and she holds her own, as well as has many times in the past with other dogs. 


Still... that being said... she definitely got the short end of the stick. Bleeding from her eye after the scrap...I took her to the vet where she had two stitches put on her eye area. 


The amount of pus and crusty stuff coming out of her eye after the first night and day was terrible... and this, because she is very stubborn and old, made me very worried about being able to clean it properly.


I then decided to try one of the patches. I put one on the back of her head before we went to bed the second night... and so wonderfully... when I woke up the next morning her eye was pus free, crust free and even looked like it had healed dramatically. 


I then put the patches on her every night before bed ... and since then she has been pus free and has healed really well.You can see by the pictures below.


I wish I had a good picture of how disgusting it was the one night ... but that evening it was so dark in Edmonton (Canada) already... that I could not get a great photo. 


Either way... both dogs are best buds again and all is well in our household. 


I am super grateful for whatever worked about these patches ... because it would have been so painful for me to try and clean her eye after everything.  

Porsche after the sibling 'scrap'. 
This picture indicates some of the pus and "mess". Her eye was much much worse by the evening: Full of pus and tonnes of crusties.  
Porsche after getting put under and getting all cleaned up at the vet, plus two stitches on the lower part of her eye (on the right)
Her eye after wearing the patches. You can see the stitches area cleanly and this is not from me touching this area or cleaning it away.
Her eye before going to get the stitches removed. All healed up and looking great. 
After stitches removed. Barely even a scar, and looking well!

REASONS WHY I VALUE THIS STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY and continue doing research about it: 


1) I have been intrigued by stem cell research and 'use' over the years. I know it is an extremely valuable "new" source of healing and also vitality... however, I haven't found a reasonable source yet or a resource that isn't extremely out of reach due to the expense until now. 


2) Light Therapy is something I have heard of in the more open-minded & heart lead communities. I am not aware of much about it yet but I have experienced it a few times with ultraviolet light therapy methods and also infrared therapies. ... so this also initiated my first curiosity to learn more. 


3) I was concerned about the Placebo effect in the beginning with this kind of 'patch' idea... however, the results that have been found by using this technology on Animals are amazing AND animals cannot experience the Placebo Effect. Animals are not conscious of what the patches are used for. Instead, they just experience substantial pain relief and healing ... which is a good enough reason to look into this further for me.


4) I recently experienced the benefits of this STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY with Porsche: Porsche recently demonstrated the power of this Stem Cell Technology and I share the full description of the situation with pictures above. This is yet another reason I continue to learn more.


5) There is no ingestion of anything with these patches. Therefore, it can be used by Olympic athletes or navy seals (and currently is used by many of them). It will not interfere with other medications or supplements taken. AND it is easy to administer, especially with PETS. It was such a blessing with Porsche who is very difficult with taking meds, or even having regular things done like getting her ears cleaned, nails trimmed or putting the recent eye droppers in her eyes.