My Wellness Wine

~A daily life force energy elixir.~
Welcome Note for your Wellness Journey:

I love sharing the good things I come across in life, and so thank you for being someone in my life that values this kind of sharing and also wants to explore it further. 

I also love learning about wellness through other people's experience, so please share everything that comes about for you during this journey. I would love to hear it!

To start you off is a Vitality Assesment (so you can quantify the positive changes that may take place) and also a copy of the 90 Money Back guarantee.  . 


Grateful and excited. 

<3 Mercedes

How I drink it: 

*Ideally, you want to take 2 oz a day, 1oz in the morning and 1oz in the afternoon, when ever you are needing a source of fresh energy. 


1) In the morning as my Wellness Wine, with a shot of the Aloe Select, an ice cube and 1 oz (or 1/2oz) of the Xtra in wine glass with water <3

2) As a warm tea in the morning or afternoon. 1 oz (or 1/2oz) poured into warmed water (not boiled- and Xtra added after warmed) with a squeeze of fresh lemon. 

3) As a fresh energy shot:

Prep each evening for the next day using these little travel pack bottles. Fill each with a 1 oz shot mixed with water and chilled in the fridge or freezer. Shake well. Taken after my first couple hours in the morning and then right after lunch or late afternoon for evening energy. I also take it before I go out for an evening of dancing or before an evening shift,  

I will give you two of these tiny travel bottles!

Tips and Tricks:

1) Make sure to shake the bottle well before pouring your one oz shot each morning and afternoon, this way you get all the goodness. 

2) The lid of the bottle is a measuring cup. :) See video below. 

My Favourite Information on it: 

The following sound cloud link is my favourite for learning about Xtra.